Our aim is to teach the children how to share, show consideration & awareness of others; All this will enhance their self-esteem The children's creativity is stimulated in order to achieve the self-reliance needed to start school with confidence & success. Children are encouraged to choose from a variety of well planned activities throughout the day, being: Craft, music, singing, drama, puppetry, story telling, language, nature, play dough, cooking & mixing, block play, home corner, construction equipment, cutting out, pasting, painting, etc. All this will enhance the individual child's physical, safety, emotional security, identity, affiliation, competence, mission & self discovery; We believe that play is children's work & want them to be enthusiastic learners, learning & exploring at their own pace; We believe that with practice comes mastery & with mastery comes competence; We want children to develop good habits & attitude & acquire appropriate educational & life skills experiences.


Social/emotional development- cognitive development- Fine & Gross Motor skills- Social Skills development- vocabulary development- story & language appreciation- color recognition- counting skills (1 to 20) Alphabet- Monitoring & increasing concentration span- developing self respect & good manners- Developing confidence- mastery & autonomy- musical appreciation- fun & dancing appreciation- Problem solving skills etc…

Our weekly program is displayed on the notice board outside the computer room for parents to peruse.

COMPUTER: introduction is integrated in the program together with videos, tapes, musical instruments, CD's etc…

PARENTS CONTRIBUTION: If a parent wishes to contribute to our cultural activities, whether they be musical, instrumental, cooking demonstration, computer or personal experiences etc. they will be welcomed with open arms;
The delights we will all enjoy through your talent sharing will be rewarding to all; Additionally your child will gain great pride in the knowledge that their parent is the Special Guest of the day; Any suggestions will be welcomed & we will be pleased to discuss them with you.

SHOW & TELL POLICY: We strongly encourage Show & Tell activities as it is a means to encourage interests in the environment, social skills, develop language, built self- esteem& self-confidence; Children are encouraged to bring to the centre any item of interest to them (New Year, Birthday present or multicultural objects) etc…



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