OUR PHILOSOPHY is that children attending a long day care centre are working children (some children start at 8am & leave at 5.30pm) & as such
Every effort is made by CNK staff to educate them, encourage them to acquire good habits that will stay with them throughout their school life & beyond, offer them quality & fun time where TLC reigns in abundance, prepare them on an individual basis for schooling by offering them a flexible program that will enable them to pursue their individual interests, offer them challenges & incite their curiosity & sense of wonder.

ACCREDITATION & PARENTS INVOLVEMENT: The centre organizes 4 meetings a year as part of the Accreditation Process; It enables parents to become members of our Accreditation Committee & allowing them to contribute to the centre's policy development & to inter-relate with other parents which we have found useful in forming long lasting relationships & can assist with alternative babysitting; We understand that parents face work commitments & to relieve this, we organize a dinner to complement the meeting; Parents pay a small contribution towards the dinner . All this will encourage parents to attend as many times as it is practicable. We share good times together & information on the child's development & introduce parents to their child's best friend as well as his parents for exchanging home visits, all this will reinforce the friendship. The accreditation committee will be responsible for coordinating the self study process as set out in the Q.I.A. handbook. Agenda & minutes will be recorded & passed on to parents.

STAFFING: Our team consists of a dedicated group of people including 2 early childhood teachers; Our staff are passionate about the importance of putting their knowledge into practice & plan & implement the daily activities designed to meet the children's stage development; Director, qualified assistants, volunteers together with a bursar & maintenance person. Some of our staff is Australian; others are Australian born from multicultural backgrounds which brings a new element & language to our centre. We also train students from TAFE College & from recognized Early Childhood Schools as well as school students for work experience; As a result, we have a constant supply of extra help, which is to the benefit of the children.
The staff is required to attend courses in this ever changing field to enhance their diplomas & within 3 months of their employment with CNK, they must acquire their First Aid certificate.
Staff understands that preschoolers should not be pressurized in academic achievements but left to learn at their own pace, through play because play is their work & means by which they understand the world they live in. Staff also create a challenging & safe play in the backyard.
Children's developmental records are kept in order to monitor their progress & where their difficulties lie & we use positive guidance techniques.
If parents have any concern regarding their child, they are made free to talk to the Director or write their concern & leave it in the fee cupboard that is collected on a daily basis.



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