BIRTHDAY PARTIES: Some parents provide entertainment for their child’s birthday party ( clown, snake man, fairies, musical concert, African dancers, farm animals, Spanish dancers, chicken hatching) etc… others share a cake with their friends but what ever it is, we ask parents to come & spend an afternoon with their child on his/her special day. Members of the family & friends are also welcome to attend as this creates a bond & friendship between staff, parents & children. The child receives from the Kindy a present as toys are the emotional food for children.
To avoid boredom from settling in the centre we also organize entertainment for the children on a monthly basis.
When a child starts at the centre, we pair him up with a “Buddy”, a child of similar disposition and temperament & once they become friends, they settle happily & look forward to coming to Kindy.

ORIENTATION POLICY: Parents & their children are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our daily routine & activities by attending the centre prior to the child joining in our Kindy family This will familiarize the child with the centre, the staff & other children & will reassure the child that their parents will return to collect them.

SETTLING IN: All children are different, some settle with no fuss whilst others may exhibit distress. In this case, we welcome the parent to stay for a while but if does not work, our strategy for the first week is to bring the child for a short period that we increase every day since some children have never left their parents. The child’s stability & well-being are paramount to us & our director will assist parents during settling in, sometimes, painful period.

TOILET TRAINING: We pride ourselves on our record in toilet training that can only be achieved when the child is ready, otherwise it may bear some unpleasant consequences. The director regularly observes the child & will suggest to parents when their child is ready so that parents & staff adopt the same method for quick success. Consult the Director when child is ready.

SLEEPING: Children are encouraged to rest but no child is forced to sleep. Soft music will induce some, others are free to do quiet activities.

HAND WASHING & HYGIENE POLICIES: Staff ensure a strict hand washing & hygiene policy by constantly reminding, assisting & promoting the children to wash their hands after toileting & prior to eating. Staff ensure that the centre is regularly cleaned & all equipment regularly washed.

CHRISTMAS & END OF THE YEAR PARTY: Christmas is a very special time for us & to celebrate, we have an end of the year party where the children, including brothers & sisters receive a lovely present. Our parties are of a multicultural flavor & each year we choose a different nationality to celebrate.


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